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No.1 Cleaning Service Southside

"Turning Grime into Shine" We have a cleaning solution for you. Commerical & Residential Services Free Quotes Onsite for large jobs. We clean and restore faded areas if required. Call for a quote Today!

Services start from $30-45 Per hour-

Packages for Cleaning Rental Vacates-

Min 5hrs=$250 / 10hrs=$450/15 Hrs$ 675

No.1 Cleaning Service Southside; focuses on 3 Core Areas of  Service and offer Hygiene Facilitates Products, Dispenses Installation and Washroom/Kitchen Consumables.  We office onsite free site assessment and audit to quote for services and advised on Hygiene in your premises.

  1. Domestic/Residential Cleaning Services- We offer 3 services for this area.

  • Spring Cleaning-Once off service to reinvigorate your premises to its former self. If your home has not had a thorough clean in a while, we suggest booking in for a longer clean first or we can send a specialist to provide a Spring Clean.
  • Vacate Rental Cleaning- RTA Exit tenancy report cleaning to Real Estate Standards.
-Moving is one of the most stressful times in your life! 
Our specialist cleaners are experienced in cleaning homes for clients moving out or moving in. Imagine moving into a house and all you have to do is put your things away without cleaning first!

  • Please note Vacate Cleans can take from 6-25 hours to complete. Once the time is completed it is up to the client to decide if further tasks are required in which case additional time is to be authorized by you so that the cleaner can complete further tasks to your satisfaction.

    Vacate Cleaning Duties:

    • Dusting all flat surfaces
    • Vacuuming
    • Mopping of hard floors
    • Cleaning power points & light switches
    • Spot cleaning walls, door frames & solid doors
    • Cleaning security doors
    • Cleaning cupboards & draws inside & out
    • Cleaning ceiling fans & light fittings
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Cleaning venetian & vertical blinds
    • Cleaning heating unit & air conditioner exterior
    • Cleaning all bench tops
    • Cleaning all splash backs
    • Cleaning sinks, taps & drains
    • Cleaning exhaust fans
    • Cleaning rubbish bins
    • Cleaning toilets
    • Cleaning bath(s)
    • Cleaning shower(s)
    • Cleaning mirrors
    • Cleaning stove top
    • Cleaning oven inside and out
    • Clean kitchen range hood

    The cleaner will supply all the equipment and products.

  • Regular Cleaning Service- We can come to you premises for conduct general cleaning duties to maintain your premises in high standard.

We can also carry out minor maintenance services of your property-ie changing light bulbs, replacing door stops, changing locks/door handles/ fixing plaster/ light painting and 

2. Builders Final Cleaning:
Pending on the site we recommend initial inspection to assess the degree of soiling. This will give us an idea of time that needs to be allocated for the service, cleaning products and equipment needed for various wall and floor coverings. We take note of WHITE CARDS SITES/ INDUCTIONS/ OHS/PPE on site and brief staff accordingly.

3. Commercial Cleaning Service:
We have professional staff whom area able to assist in maintaining your offices to a hygienic environment 7 days a week, with monthly audits and kpi check list in place to ensure concise efficient quality services.
  • We also clean car parks
  • Shop fronts
  • Shopping Centers
  • Common Areas
  • Unit Complexes Common Areas
  • A service can be:

    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Fortnightly
    • Monthly
    • Once Off/ Spring Cleans/ Initial Clean

    Your standard regular service will include:

    • Dusting of furniture
    • Vacuuming
    • Mopping hard floors
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Emptying bins
    • Cleaning bathrooms
    • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets
    • Cleaning the laundry
    • Cleaning the kitchen benches
    • Cleaning the kitchen sink & taps
    • Cleaning the splashback
    • Cleaning the stove top
    • General tidy up

    Other jobs that your cleaner can do, providing extra time is allowed are:

    • Changing/installing soap dispenses
    • Washing and drying dishes
    • Sweep entrances
    • Cleaning the oven
    • Cleaning the range hood
    • Cleaning appliance exteriors
    • Cleaning inside fridge

    The number of hours you require will depend on the number of services requested and the size of your premises. This ensures the cleaner can return your premises to a high standard before commencing our regular services out on an on-going basis.

    To make a booking or to obtain an obligation free quote, call us today on or request a call back using our convenient Request a Quote.

  • . If you are unsure of your requirements, call the office to chat with one of our friendly consultants.